Event Description

In this innovative and experiential day long workshop intensive, on September 27th 2014 feminist porn icon and erotic film director – Madison Young, divulges the sexual secrets of exploring and expressing your sexuality with the passion, prowess and gusto of a porn starlet and with the heart and intimacy of a skilled lover.

Through a series of hands on workshops, radical sex presentations and live demonstrations coupled with assigned homework and complimentary reading materials, Young promises to sexually empower individuals in this transformative day of decadence.  Fun hands-on intimacy labs allow participants time and space to explore their own desires as well as  improve techniques in communicating and manifesting their intimate and powerful orgasmic climaxes like you have only seen in your favorite erotic films and kinkiest fantasies.

This sensual Saturday experience will be a gift and opportunity at deepening connection through orgasmic kissing techniques,  basic bondage for bedroom, orgasmic g spot stimulation, creative sexual positions, deep throating techniques,  fellatio enhancement and powerful passionate oral sex with cunnilingus that will have you and your partner/s screaming for more.

This day of sexy technique and inspirational hands on guidance will be followed by an intimate play party in which individuals and partners can test out there newly discovered porn-fabulous sex skills.

Location is in an easily accessible Brooklyn neighborhood and specific location details as well as additional information will be sent 3 days prior to the event.


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