Etiquette Guidelines & Agreement

Creating  an environment of Safety and Consent is tantamount to a successful and collaborative playspace
Please read and initial indicating that you understand the rules of conduct

Sexual styles: anything (consensual and safe) goes! Bring toys, BDSM implements, rope, feathers, condoms, lube, or anything else that you want to use on yourself or willing playmates. We devour all genders, preferences, identities and orientations. We will have some good condoms, but never enough lube, etc. on hand. Please bring whatever safer-sex supplies you will need. And don’t forget your toys!

Please be responsible about your health and the health of others by asking partners about testing/STI status and being honest about your status. We strongly recommend that you practice safer sex with anyone with whom you are not already fluid-bonded. Used supplies should be disposed of properly. Oh, and use the sex towels. They’re clean, and we’ve got a lot of them.

We encourage fun but discourage the abuse of substances and alcohol. Please make sure consumption does not negatively affect your judgment or behavior. Wasted people are unsexy, put themselves and others at needless risk and create negative energy. Indulge responsibly, please.

Our number one rule is consent. In its simplest expression, this means no physical contact without explicit permission. Please do not assume that everyone attending the party is sexually available, won’t mind being felt up, or is spankable, kissable, or molestable without direct, specific, explicit consent. Ask before you touch, and remember that no means no, and the absence of no does not mean yes. We are very, very serious about this rule, because it is the key to making everyone feel safe, respected and wanton. And Finally….

  • Do not touch anyone without permission. Consent for every act is required. Respect others by asking first, respect yourself by speaking up.

  • No taking pictures.

  • Respect the space. Clean up after yourself.

  • Have Fun!


We have designated some of our most experienced and trusted friends as official Guardians. You’ll be able to find them by their white armbands that say ‘Guardian’.

They are there to answer questions you might have, introduce you to people or the space, and to help out if an issue arises with another guest. So if you ever feel lonely, confused or uncomfortable, talk to a Guardian!


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